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Classy swing singer for weddings, private functions, corporate events and cruise liners

Forthcoming Appearances

Most of my appearances are for weddings or private functions, but I occasionally appear at events that are open to


Don’t tell The Bride

Waiting to perform at Homme House
Waiting to perform at Homme House
Don't step back!
Don’t step back!
Posing with Nicola Farnon's double bass
Posing with Nicola Farnon’s double bass
With the Calypso Orchestra aboard the MV Athena
With the Calypso Orchestra aboard the MV Athena
With the Yorkshire 'Sisters of Swing'
With the Yorkshire ‘Sisters of Swing’
Waiting to perform at Rowton Castle
Waiting to perform at Rowton Castle
In reflective mood at the Du Vin Hotel, Birmingham
In reflective mood at the Du Vin Hotel, Birmingham
With Lincolnshire's Big Swing Band
With Lincolnshire’s Big Swing Band
Performing at Rogerthorpe Manor
Performing at Rogerthorpe Manor
With the Midlands 'Sisters of Swing'
With the Midlands ‘Sisters of Swing’
'In the pink' at Torquay's Imperial Hotel
‘In the pink’ at Torquay’s Imperial Hotel
Pre-show posing at The Grosvenor Pulford Hotel
Pre-show posing at The Grosvenor Pulford Hotel

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How much do you charge?

Yes…I knew that would be the first thing you’d ask and there are various things that dictate the price.

For example, I can appear either as a solo swing singer or with a swing band, the size of which can vary from a trio of keyboard, bass & drums up to an 8-piece line-up and anything in between.

The length of performance is also a factor, as this can be a 45 minute or a 1 hour cabaret spot or sets of either 2 x 45 minutes, 2 x 1 hours, 3 x 45 minutes. Also, if I need to arrive and set-up several hours prior to performing, then this will also add to the fee, as would a finish time that extends beyond midnight.

However I can help you to plan your timetable so that you do not pay for any more time than you actually need.

How long do you need to set-up?

Once I can get the equipment into the room, I usually allow between 45 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the swing band

How much space do you need?

Generally speaking for a swing band I need a width of approx 12 feet (4 m) to accommodate band members & their equipment (keyboard, double bass, drum kit plus music stands) together with a set of speakers and lights either side.

Depending upon whether brass players are also involved, I need a depth of between 6 feet (2m) to 9 feet (3m).

Can you perform outdoors?

Yes, provided that there is a supply of electricity and suitable cover which is wide and deep enough to protect performers and equipment from direct sunlight and rain (which tends to be horizontal). A flat surface to safely stand equipment on is also necessary.

Could you learn a special song if we wanted something that isn’t in your repertoire?

It’s all depends on the song and whether it is suitable for a male vocalist. For a solo swing singer performance, it can be done at little or no cost if there is a quality backing track available. However if you wish a swing band to play it with me, then any costs of obtaining sheet music would have to be met.

Can you provide background music during your intervals?

I actually insist on this as my interval music is especially design to maintain the right atmosphere between my sets and also before the performance starts, either as guests arrive or during dinner.

If you prefer not to book a DJ / Disco, but would like some music to finish the night after the performance has finished, then I can arranged for you to play your own playlist (ie from your ipod or laptop) through my PA system, or else provide music from my own collection.

Can we use a microphone for speeches?

Not a problem…ou would have to use a separate microphone which I can provide for you….you just need to let me know in advance

Do you have Public Liability Insurance (PLI)?

Most venues require this and I carry PLI of £10 million (which should be enough, even if I engage Sir Elton John as my pianist and drop the piano on his foot!). I also have an Electrical Safety (PAT) certificate for all electrical equipment which is plugged into the venue’s supply.

Can we see you perform before we book you?

One of the things that makes my appearances desirable as a wedding singer is my ‘exclusivity’ (ie someone that your guests won’t be able to see every week in your locality) which helps to make your special day ‘unique’. Most of my performances are for private occasions such as birthdays, corporate functions or weddings like yours and so are not accessible to members of the public. I do occasionally perform for ‘dinner / dance’, theatre or jazz events throughout the UK, however, and so if you wish to know where these performances take place, please complete the ‘Join The Mailing List’ form on this page.

What are your payment terms and any other requirements?

I usually request 30% of the total fee as a non-refundable deposit and then the balance by cheque or BACS by 7 days prior to the event.Depending upon the performance timings and length of time required at a venue, some hot food may also be desirable plus somewhere clean for changing.

In the event of a cancellation, fees are for 50% of the remaining balance if cancelled within 2 months of the event and 75% of the remaining balance for a cancellation within 1 month of the event.

Do you have lights?

Yes, I have a full stage lighting rig, which lights the performance area perfectly

Can one of my party sing a song with you or the band?

As long as it is arranged in advance and is approved by the venue for Public Liability Insurance purposes, then I can arrange this without a problem. I prefer to limit this kind of thing to one song only, as otherwise there is a danger of your event becoming a ‘karaoke session;, which I am sure you would want to avoid if you have booked professional performers to entertain you.

How far would you be prepared to travel?

I literally travel throughout the world to perform and so no distance is too far

Is all the music played ‘live’ or do the band play along to backing tracks?

Basically, ‘you get what you see!’ when I perform with a swing band. I don’t add false strings or brass sounds or play along to backing tracks or midi files and everything you hear is played ‘live’.

Do you use the same band for all performances?

From my experience, many of the best musicians prefer to work on a ‘freelance’ basis, rather than being tied to a regular band, and so wherever your event might be, I can provide top quality session musicians as local as possible to your location which helps to keep travel costs to a minimum.

If you have any other questions that are not included here, just go to the ‘Ask A Question’ link on this page and I will be pleased to answer you.

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'The next best thing to Tony Bennett'.....Mark Fox, International Tony Bennett Appreciation Society

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'An accomplished entertainer'......songwriter Tony Hatch

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The best entertainment in town'....BBC TV's 'Don't Tell The Bride'

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'It is wonderful hearing Gary recording my dad's music'....Michele Monro (Matt's daughter)

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'A class act'....SKY TV's 'Cruising With The Stars'

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Gary Grace

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Classy swing singer for weddngs, private functions, corporate events and cruise liners

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