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Classy swing singer for weddings, private functions, corporate events and cruise liners

Forthcoming Appearances

Most of my appearances are for weddings or private functions, but I occasionally appear at events that are open to


Don’t tell The Bride

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Press Photo
Photo courtesy of Fotowaller
Photo courtesy of Fotowaller
Photo courtesy of Fotowaller
With the ‘Sisters Of Swing’
Photo courtesy of Fotowaller
With the Vegas Showgirls
At The Masque Theatre, Kettering
At The Masque Theatre, Kettering
At Rudding Park, Harrogate
Bar Mitzvah's can be fun!
Bar Mitzvah’s can be fun!
Photo courtesy of Claire Burns
Photo courtesy of Claire Burns
In cabaret aboard MV Van Gogh
In cabaret aboard MV Van Gogh
Wedding at Whittlebury Hall, Northampton
Wedding at Whittlebury Hall, Northampton
Just in case I forget who I am
Just in case I forget who I am

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Your wedding is probably the most important day of your life and hopefully you will be looking to book some classy entertainment which will make your day feel unique and special.
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Private Functions & Events

Rather like weddings, if you are planning a birthday or anniversary party you are likely to be inviting family members of all age groups. You will also find that it is an occasion that brings people together that might not have seen each other for a while…

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Cabaret & Theatre and Jazz

Whilst I really enjoy performing at weddings, private parties and corporate events, there is nothing like performing to an audience that is seated in silence and hanging on my every word, particularly if they have paid to be there to listen to me.

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Gary & Sassy Sax

I have teamed up with the all-female Giocoso Sax Quartet to form an 8-piece band that performs for weddings, private parties & corporate events. As well as all the ‘swing’ classics that you might expect, we also perform many pop, soul & rock ‘n’ roll numbers too, so we are guaranteed to get your party going!

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Gary & The Big Bands

I have been lucky enough to perform with many of the UK’s best Big Bands over the years and I currently perform with Lincolnshire’s 17-piece ‘Big Swing Band’ on a regular basis whenever I am available.
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Gary´s Shows

Whilst I am mainly associated with the songs of Frank Sinatra & The Rat Pack, I do also perform in other styles.
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FAQs Testimonials 01

'Well-suited to the classic songbook'....BBC Radio 2, Desmond Carrington Show

Playlists Testimonials 01

'The next best thing to Tony Bennett'.....Mark Fox, International Tony Bennett Appreciation Society

Functions and Events Testimonials 01

'An accomplished entertainer'......songwriter Tony Hatch

Weddings Testimonials

The best entertainment in town'....BBC TV's 'Don't Tell The Bride'

Meet Gary Testimonials 01

'First class'......Glenys Day, Sinatra Music Society

News Testimonials 02

'It is wonderful hearing Gary recording my dad's music'....Michele Monro (Matt's daughter)

Home Testimonials 01

'A class act'....SKY TV's 'Cruising With The Stars'

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Gary Grace

The New King of Swing

Classy swing singer for weddngs, private functions, corporate events and cruise liners

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